Advadraw (T) Laminated Tracheostomy Dressing

Intended Use

Tri-laminate tracheostomy dressing for low/medium exudates

Advadraw (T) is a tri-lamimnate tracheostomy dressing which has a low adherent perforated wound film contact layer, and absorbent centre action and a strike-through resistant layer to seal the dressing. 

Advadraw (T) is comprised of an enhanced lighter fibrous material, with tests showing improved absorbency rates when compare to other manufacturers.

The slim contours of Advadraw (T) avoids elevating the tracheostomy tube away from the neck, while the curved edges ensure maximum comfort to the patient. 

Supplied sterile and individually wrapped, ready for use. Available in one convenient size to suit most intubation procedures, and to offer comfort to the patient. 

  • Cushioning effect on the wound 
  • Low adherence – Reduced trauma on removal 
  • Comfortable patient protection 
  • Suitable for low/medium levels of exudate
  • Rapid uptake of exudates 
  • Available on FP10 Prescription 
  • Single patient use only 
  • UK Manufactured 
  • Latex Free 
  • CE Marked 
CR/4416Advadraw (T) Dressing80 x 80mm409-4970FDH61520

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