Advazorb (T) Lite Tracheostomy Dressing

Intended Use

Lightweight hydrophilic slim foam tracheostomy dressing for light/medium exuding wounds.

Advazorb (T) Lite is the definitive lightweight hydrophilic slim foam tracheostomy dressing.

Advazorb (T) offers remarkable standards of conformability, softness, lightness compared to gauze dressings.

Perfect for the treatment of light/medium exuding wounds as moisture is absorbed and retained in the hydrophilic cellular structure.

Supplied sterile and individually wrapped,  ready for use. Available in one convenient size to suit most intubation procedures, and to offer comfort to the patient.

  • Cushioning effect on wound
  • Low adherence -Reduced trauma on removal
  • Highly absorbent 2.5mm foam
  • Excellent patient comfort
  • Rapid uptake of exudates
  • Available on FP10 Prescription
  • Single patient use only
  • UK Manufactured
  • Latex Free
  • CE Marked
CR/4212Advazorb Lite Dressing80 x 80mm374-0230ELY39220

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