Dog Bladder Irrigation Catheters

Manufactured as an OEM product for veterinary trade. 

Single use disposable catheter with smooth closed tip and two side eyes and welded luer connector.

Available in polypropylene (without stylet).

  • Supplied packaged to customers requirements
  • Blister packed, sterile with customers own artwork
  • Bulk packed, unsterile for customers own packaging
  • UK Manufactured
  • Latex Free
DC/04/500/W4FG 1.3mm x 500mmPolypropyleneNoWhite 
DC/06/500/Y6FG 2.0mm x 500mmPolypropyleneNoYellow 
DC/08/500/O8FG 2.6mm x 500mmPolypropyleneNoOrange 
DC/10/500/R10FG 3.3mm x 500mmPolypropyleneNoRed