Insil Silicone Tape

Intended Use

Silicone adhesive tape used to fix most medical devices.

This versatile, breathable tape is backed with a silicone adhesive. When tape is removed is extremely gentle on the skin, however it can be re-applied without losing adhesive qualities and allowing painless removal.

Insil multi-use tape can be used to fix most medical devices such as tubes. IV cannulae, eye shields, dressings and drains.

Insil is available in 2cm and 4cm widths with fine perforations every 5cm to allow seperation without the need for scissors. Supplied in pocket-sized dispenser boxes for ease of use.

  • Available on FP10 Prescription
  • UK Manufactured
  • Latex Free
  • CE Marked
INSIL/200Insil Silicone Tape20mm x 3m342-4132Direct Only12 (12×1)
INSIL/400Insil Silicone Tape40mm x 1.5m 342-4140Direct Only12 (12×1)

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