Hotspot Scald Warning Device

The Scald Warning Device that is totally reliable and simplicity itself to use.

Hotspot has been specially designed to provide carers with an unmistakable visual warning when bath water may be too hot for the comfort or safety of their charges.

It could hardly be easier to use. Simply drop the Hotspot into the bath water-where it floats on the surface. If the bath water is above the specified temperature, the dull mauve colour turns instantly into a vivid pink. You know immediately that extreme caution is necessary.

When Hotspot is removed from the water, it returns to its normal mauve colour. You can use it over and over again-as long as it is not exposed to bright sunlight, it will continue to work efficiently and effectively.

Hotspot’s ingenious use of the latest materials technology has been recognised by the Design Council’s prestigious Millennium Award for Innovation.

FOR BABIES-The Hotspot provides an instant visual warning that extreme caution is necessary when the bath water is above 34º Centigrade. Ideal for babies up to 12 months old, then switch to the Triangle for children over 1 year old.

FOR ALL AGES-The Hotspot triangle turns vivid pink when the temperature of the water is above 37º Centigrade. which equates to peoples blood temperature, ensuring a comfortable temperature.

FOR ALL AGES-The Hotspot square turns vivid pink when the temperature of the water is above 41º Centigrade. which is for people who require a hotter bath.

FOR HIGHER TEMPERATURES-The High-Level Hotspot is a scald warning device for adults, that turns vivid pink when the temperature of the water is above 47º Centigrade. This Hotspot is ideal for sinks and hand-basin use, as it is still just under scalding point.

Hotspot is also ideal for promotional companies, and own artwork can be used. Please call 01666 500055 for more information.


Order Code Description Type Pack Size
HS/100 Scald Warning Triangle 37 degrees 1
HS/150 Scald Warning Circle 34 degrees 1
HS/200 Scald Warning Square 41 degrees 1
HS/250 Scald Warning Disc 47 degrees 1
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