Sofnex Laryngectomy Protector

Intended Use

To protect Laryngectomy patients stoma, whilst offering filtration efficiency. 

Sofnex Protectors can be washed a minimum of 10 times, offering significant cost saving and longer product use over alternative protectors that still use foam inserts whilst still retaining filtration efficiency.

Sofnex is supplied with a velcro fastening feature that allows fixation to the enclosed soft neck straps. 

All Sofnex Protectors come with 2 straps per box, and available in 3 colours.

The appearance of Sofnex eliminates the need for costly additional cosmetic covers.

  • Consistent filtration efficiency after being washed
  • Available on FP10 Prescription
  • Single patient use only
  • UK Manufactured
  • Latex Free
  • CE Marked
CR/3856Sofnex ProtectorWhite319-0402Direct Only10
CR/3859Sofnex ProtectorBlue319-0410Direct Only10
CR/3860Sofnex ProtectorBeige319-0428Direct Only10

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