Sofshield Larynectomy and Tracheostomy Protectors

Intended Use

To protect Larynegectomy and Tracheostomy patients stoma, whilst offering filtration efficiency.

Sofshield Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy Protectors can be washed a minimum of 10 times, while ensuring filtration efficiency. 

This offers a significant cost saving and longer product use over alternative protectors that use foam inserts, while also eliminating the need for costly additional covers.

Sofshield is available in five colours and three sizes to suit all Laryngectomy and Tracheostomy patients.

Sofshield uses a silicone toggle system that eliminates the need to tie cords, therefore allowing patients with restrictive movement an easier fitting process.

  • Consistent filtration efficiency after being washed
  • Available on FP10 Prescription
  • Single patient use
  • UK Manufactured
  • Latex Free
  • CE Marked
AS/3669Sofshield -WhiteLarge291-9231FTH00610
AS/3764Sofshield -Navy BlueLarge305-5373FTH00810
AS/3765Sofshield -BeigeLarge305-5381FTH00710
AS/3698Sofshield -WhiteSmall291-9249FTH00910
AS/3777Sofshield -Navy BlueSmall305-5399FTH10010
AS/3765Sofshield -BeigeSmall305-5407FTH01010
AS/4051Sofshield -BlackMedium377-1722FSM262110
AS/4056Sofshield -Light BlueMedium409-1526FTH12910

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