Tube Tidy Clips

Intended Use

Keeping tubes and lines arranged during patient monitoring.

The simplest product on the market for keeping tubes and lines arranged and sorted during patient monitoring in all specialist units and wards.

The product can clip to blankets, sheets, pillows and opens to allow tubing to run through. 

Simply lay tubes required over hook/loop and seal to hold tubes in place. 

Organises cords without the need of pins or fixers, thus eliminating the chance of personal injury. 


  • Available in white, blue, red and yellow for tube identification
  • User is able to write on the product for identity markings
  • Simply open the hook/loop material. insert tubing and close
  • Quality soft foam/cotton material for patient comfort
  • Easy to apply
  • Single patient use only
  • UK Manufactured
  • Latex Free
  • CE Marked
TFP/800Tube Tidy ClipsWhite Direct Only10
TFP/850.BTube Tidy ClipsBlue Direct Only20
TFP/850.RTube Tidy ClipsRed  Direct Only20
TFP/850.YTube Tidy ClipsYellow Direct Only20

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Coming Soon.

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